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What Is Mobile Storage?


What is Dubai Mobile Storage?
It’s self storage delivered to your door!

  We deliver your Mobile Storage PODs to you.
  We pack, load & lock them. Hand you the keys. 
  We store it in our secure A/C warehouses.
  FREE access 7 Days.

It’s the best idea ever because…

  No need to hire a moving company.
  No driving to unload at storage facilities.
  No double handling. Safer moving.
  No lock in contracts. Pay as you go!

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Why Choose Us?


Here’s 8 Good Reasons 


No packing, no loading, no driving back and forth to unload at warehouses. Just sit back and let us do all the work.

Cost Effective
Because you don’t need to hire a moving company, all you pay for is the storage and the packing service. The delivery and pickup are on us!

Once your POD is packed & locked you and only you hold the keys.

We also record the contents of each of your PODS and separate by room so we’ll always know exactly where everything is, whenever you need it.


Because your POD is only loaded once at your home, there’s far less chance of damage associated with loading & unloading moving trucks.

Our PODs
Our PODs are raised from the ground & made from top quality plywood which breathes, keeping your items free from dust, mildew & pests.

Our Warehouses
Our storage warehouses are pest free, fully insured, air conditioned and secure. Your stuff will like it here!

Customer Service
Easytruck’s reputation is built on the foundations of exceptional customer service. All our staff our respectful, hard working, helpful and friendly.





Our PODs



Our PODs

Welcome to Easytruck, the only portable self-storage company in Dubai.

Our portable storage services and facilities in Dubai are the first of its kind in U.A.E. All our self-storage units (known as storage PODs) are 5.5 Cubic Meters in size and hold a heap of stuff. They are specially designed to be transported on our trucks and remain perfectly level through the whole process, a service that other storage companies in Dubai can’t match!

We divide your items up into separate boxes by room and keep a detailed inventory of each box so you can easily find and access anything you may need. Beats digging through a large room packed to the door.

Our PODs are made from top quality plywood and raised from the ground on a special base. Why is this important? Because wood breathes, and is proven as the safest storage solution household items and furniture storage, protecting items from mould, mildew, dust and pests. Your stuff will be very cosy in them!












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